Angela Tselane Jones - Native Houstonian. I learned clothing construction and marketing at Tuskegee University. My professional experience exposed me to buying, merchandising and marketing for large retailers. 


My interests in clothing construction and love for a good leather bag was rekindled while on vacation in Italy.  I was able to visit factories and learn more about producing quality pieces. In that space, I decided to share my love for fine leather bags with you.


Tselane is an African name that means “a path; a continuous route”.  I’d always been attracted to the heart shaped Sankofa symbol. When translated, it means to “go back to your past to learn what you’ve forgotten.”  When merged, they represent the message of Tselane’s Treasures.  We are constantly in motion as we get to know ourselves better. We are all on a unique journey. 


Take your bag along as you follow your path back to yourself.